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Now That College Football Season is Over...

Posted by Ashley Bowman on

Congrats to University of Alabama and their newest title! What a game that was. Both teams fought it out to the end. But now that College Football Season is over, what do we do?

-Go to a basketball or hockey game

Find a new sport and learn everything you can about it.

-Get in the kitchen and create or perfect new tailgating recipes

Check out our Pinterest boards for new tailgating ideas.  

-Rewatch your favorite games from the season

-Cheer on the NFL in the playoffs and Superbowl

-Shop Gameday Belles Boutique and get a jump start on next seasons outfits

Like this dress. Or this top. With this necklace. And of course this scarf.

-Start a countdown

What else can help us pass the time?

P.S. Only 230 days until College Football returns!!



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